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Naomi Edelberg Janches was born in Montreal, Canada. While attending the Penn State University studying Marketing & Design Naomi took some technical classes in the glass medium which had fascinated her for years. She has traveled extensively and lived in many corners of the world where extreme natural phenomena occur daily. From the upper atmosphere to the depths of the oceans Naomi has spent years translating these concepts into glass images. Naomi and her husband, live part of the year in the Rockies, above Boulder, Colorado. They are surrounded by majestic mountains and fantastic skies. The other part of the year you can find her by the Chesapeake Bay where the water and glorious sunsets have a phenomenal impact on her creations.

As the world becomes more aware of the effects of man on the environment and the creatures we share our universe with, I feel driven to transfer these images to viewers. I find the glass medium potent with its complex evolution and its' variation. Though glass is considered a rigid and unforgiving medium, I try to find the natural fluidity that lies within the glass itself, expanding on its sensuality and allowing its natural swirls, curves and vibrant colors to find their full expression.

-Naomi Edelberg Janches


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